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“This a photograph taken from the teenager (shirtless guy) named Austin Schafer’s Twitter account, of a kid being tied up and beaten by upper classmen at Columbia High School in Nampa, Idaho. 

This is a recent photograph and one where the school’s authorities have not taken action yet. Remember this kid’s name and repost this picture. 

The Neanderthal trash who are bullying him deserve to have this picture plastered all over the Internet for prospective college admission offices to see so their career pinnacle can be asking me which kind of soup I want at Olive Garden.

If you’ve been a victim of bullying or know someone who has, please repost.”

Bullies are cunts.

Disgusting pieces of shit
hate them all. Stupid horrible bullies. 

Why the school authoties didn’t do anything yet?!

(Source: captainfyer)

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